The U.S. does not need guns, it needs gun control

Just seven weeks into 2018, and we’ve already witnessed the 18th incident of a school shooting. This time it was a high school in Parkland, Florida where an expelled 19-year-old student, Nikolas Cruz, who was also a part of Republic of Florida’, a white nationalist group, opened fire and left 17 dead and more than 20 injured. It says a lot about the laws when a kid who’s too young to drink in Florida was legally able to obtain an Ar-15 semi-automatic rifle and leave millions disturbed.



In his address to the nation, American president Donald Trump did not make mention of gun control, meaning that it is not even on his radar. Instead, just like with all previous shootings in his tenure, he blamed the criminal’s ‘mental health’ stating the difficult issue of mental health needs to be tackled properly. Previously, Mr Trump also signed a resolution passed by the Republican-led Congress which blocked an Obama-era rule meant to keep guns out of the hands of mentally disabled people. This way, he is ignoring the fact that mass shootings in only the past 5 months have resulted in 103 deaths and 800+ injuries.


The 19-Year-Old killer commented on the Youtube video of Texas University shooting that he is going to do the same

Okay. Let’s talk about the shooter. The lonely and depressed teenager about whom the authorities were alerted when he said he planned to become a ‘professional school shooter’. On his now-deleted Instagram account, he can be seen posing with guns and knives.


Nikolas Cruz posted a picture with a gun on his Instagram account



Cruz captioned this image “cost me $30”


It is questionable how Nikolas passed the background check while purchasing an AR-15-style rifle as a special agent at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Miami confirmed to The New York Times that “No laws were violated in the procurement of this weapon.” Stricter gun laws would have eliminated the possibility of a young teenager rushing in front of 3000 students and opening fire. Even though this would have resulted in him trying other means to harm the students, but isn’t it enough that at least one possibility of causing harm is eliminated?

Nikolas Cruz arrested by the police an hour after he opened fire

Arguing that better gun control would not have prevented this attack from happening is absurd, considering that without being able to obtain a gun which was made to kill as efficiently as possible, the attacker would not have had the opportunity to commit such an atrocious crime.

All in all, the story sounds familiar, a gut-wrenching incident of gun violence has made headlines, there’s talk about gun control, but it just won’t happen. With the victims being young teenagers this time, perhaps the pressure for change will be greater. For once, let’s just admit that such terrible incidents should be replied with stricter gun laws, and not even more guns.


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